Installation of Avalara AvaTax Module for WHMCS

File Installation / Upgrade

Download the latest copy of wbAvaTax for WHMCS before installation. Extract the addon package into a temporary folder on your computer, then upload the contents of the “installation” folder into your root WHMCS installation folder. You will notice in the installation folder that the folder names match those from your WHMCS installation, which will be appended with the new wbAvaTax addon files. The installation package will not overwrite any of the standard WHMCS files. To perform upgrades you will follow the same procedure, overwriting the previous installation with the new package files. The software will automatically detect any process upgraded files.

Activating the Addon

  • Navigate to your WHMCS Addon Modules Setup page Setup > Addon Module
  • If your files were uploaded correctly you will now see a record for Avalara AvaTax-
  • Press the green ""Activate" button to install the addon.
  • Download the Configuration Instructions to begin using the addon.

Invoice PDF Customization

The client template invoicepdf.tpl file must be customized in order for it to show the tax associated with an invoice. You will need to maintain the custom version of this file after every WHMCS upgrade. The following example is for the six template, however the same customization may be applied to any template. Replace the opening <?php of the file with the following:



# wbAvaTax Invoice Customization
if (empty($taxname) && (real)$model->getOriginal()['tax'] > 0) {
  $taxname = 'Tax';
  $taxrate = $model->getOriginal()['taxrate'];
if (empty($taxname2) && (real)$model->getOriginal()['tax2'] > 0) {
  $taxname2 = 'Tax';
  $taxrate2 = $vars['model']->getOriginal()['taxrate2'];