From the Joomla plugin manager, open the wbLess plugin to expose the configuration options.

Watch Paths

These are paths that are examined for less files. The watch path you specific will also scan all sub-folders. You may use the {$template} variable key that will be supplanted with the currently template during runtime.

Default: /templates/{$template}/less

Trigger Domains

These are domain hosts that can be used to limit when the plugin runs. This can be used to isolate requests to development environments.


Compress Output

This flag will enable CSS output compression.

Watch Minimum Dependency

This flag will the compiler to any wildcard * rules when a rule specifically targets a LESS file. By default both wildcard and file specific rules will be combined when processing a LESS file.

Trigger Event

This flag will specify for which event during Joomla runtime will the plugin execute.

Default: onAfterDispatch

Process Scope

This flag will specify whether the plugin will execute for requests to the Administrative, Site, or both interfaces.

Default: All

Monitor Class

An optional less compiler may be specific that would be used rather than the internal processing. The monitor that is included with this plugin is a mirror of the standalone LESS Monitor class by Webuddha. Check out the standalone compiler Github for more details: