Action Settings

Action Settings

General Options

  • Auto Adjust Date(s)
    Adjust action dates to accommodate sub-action tree date boundaries.

  • Max Action Depth
    The maximum depth allowed for a project action tree.

  • New Action Finish Offset
    The Finish Date offset (in seconds) from the Start Date when creating new actions.

  • Finish Conflict
    The Finish Date offset (in seconds) used to resolve conflicts where a Start Date is greater than a Finish Date

  • New Action Duration
    The duration value used for new actions (in seconds)

  • Action Completed Status
    Automatically assign the selected status to actions when the completed percentage is marked as 100%.

  • New Action Insert Postion
    Position of new actions in the sub-action list.

  • Allow Assigned to "Any"
    Allow actions to be assigned the "Any" admin value.

  • New Action Date Start Offset
    The rule used to determine the Start Date for new actions.

  • Collapse Completed Actions
    Option to collapse all completed action nodes when viewing the project action tree.

  • Action Type(s)
    A list of values used for the Action Type list (one per line).

  • Action Status(s)
    A list of values used for the Action Status list (one per line).

  • Default Recurring Workdays
    Default selected weekdays for a Weekly Recurring summary.