Installation of wbTeamPro will require FTP access to your WHMCS file structure and a general knowledge of file editing and permissions. It is strongly advised that you perform a complete backup of your WHMCS files and MySQL data before starting the installation process.

Installation Support

Don't get overwhelmed! If these instructions are outside of your comfort zone then open a ticket and our support team can help you with the installation.

Downloading wbTeamPro

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click the "My Services" link
  3. Select your Active wbTeamPro License and View Details
  4. Download the Latest Version from the Downloads List
  5. Make Note / Copy your License Key to be used during configuration

Disclaimer: Before First Run

wbTeamPro will automatically insert or update database tables upon first run after installation and when upgrades are made to the system. NO CHANGES are made to any of the original WHMCS Database Table structures.

wbTeamPro integrates with database tables from the WHMCS system to create relationships with Administrators, Clients, Invoices, and Support Tickets. wbTeamPro Email Notifications are generated using Email Templates stored in the WHMCS Email Templates database table (tblemailtemplates). With the exception of the email templates, all wbTeamPro data is stored in database tables starting with the prefix "tbladdon_wbteampro_" and can be removed without affecting the WHMCS system.

Backup Your Installation

Before making changes to your WHMCS installation, always remember to make a complete backup of the MySQL Database and WHMCS Installation files. If you are unable to make a backup, please contact your hosting provider and ask for assistance.

Uploading wbTeamPro

Upgrading Previous Version

To upgrade your package, simple upload new package files over the existing installation. All files will be overwritten with the latest copy, and all database changes will be performed the next time an administrator visits any page of the wbTeamPro system.

Automatic Updates

Starting with v3.0 you can perform automatic updates from within the application. To perform an update simply visit the "Update" tab from the wbTeamPro "Config" section of your installation.

New Installations

  1. Backup your existing WHMCS system Files & MySQL Database
  2. Extract the contents of the wbTeamPro package to your Local Disk
  3. Upload the contents of the "installation" folder to your WHMCS installation root.

CUSTOM ADMIN FOLDER If you have changed the "admin" folder of your WHMCS, you will need to rename the "admin" folder of the installation before uploading.

The Installation will include the following files:


Assigning File Permissions

The ".project_files" and ".system_tmp" folders will require write permissions for attachment storage and for performing upgrades. On linux environments, depending on how PHP is being implemented (either as suPHP or PHPSuExec) the requirement for permissions may differ.

For standard LINUX installations you will use CHMOD to set permissions with WRITE access:

chmod 777 /{whmcs}/modules/addons/wbteampro/.project_files
chmod 777 /{whmcs}/modules/addons/wbteampro/.system_tmp

Applying File Security (RECOMMENDED)

The ".project_files" and ".system_tmp" folders may be moved to a secure location below the public accessible web root. We recommend doing so to prevent direct access to these folders via a web browser. You can specify the custom location for these folders from within the wbTeamPro configuration pages after activation.

For APACHE users we have included an HTACCESS file that improves security by restricting direct access to the contents of your project_files folder. To activate the included HTACCESS file, simply rename the following file:

Rename the file


Admin Area Template Integration

SKIP THIS STEP if you are using a standard administration theme.

The wbTeamPro interface includes a Left Sidebase and Top DropDown menu which integrate automatically with the stock WHMCS themes. If your installation uses a custom administration theme, you will need to manually insert the following "Include" lines into the appropriate files:

Main Menu Customization

Add the following at the bottom (or inside the <ul> block) of your custom menu file:

{* wbTeamPro Customization *}
<menuitem id="wbteampro_mainmenu_placeholder"></menuitem>

By adding the above code to your menu you are telling the system to insert a <li> tag containing the menu at the location where the code is placed.

Client Area Template Integration

SKIP THIS STEP if you do NOT want to share project details with your clients.**

For wbTeamPro to display you will need to add the included wbteampro.tpl file to your template folder. For the standard DEFAULT or SIX templates you do not need to make any changes. For custom templates you will need to copy the file from /templates/six/wbteampro.tpl into your custom template folder.


To activate wbTeamPro in your client area menu you will need to ensure the "Show Client Nav Link" feature is enabled under the wbTeamPro Configuration > Display tab > Interface Settings area.


To activate wbTeamPro in your client area pages you will need to modify your template header file to add a "My Projects" link to the menu. Installations using a bridge software for Joomla, Wordpress, or other CMS systems will have to add the link from within those respective systems. Use the following as reference for adding the link to your client area menu:

{* wbTeamPro Customization *}
<li><a href="wbteampro.php?task=dashboard" title="{$LANG.wbteampro_tab}">{$LANG.wbteampro_tab}</a></li>

Clear your Template Cache

After making changes to your templates you will need to clear the template cache files, otherwise your changes will not be visible which can be mistaken as an error. To clear your template cache, login to your WHMCS Administration interface and open the Utilities > System > System Cleanup page. From the System Cleanup page select the "Emtpy Template Cache" option to clear your template cache.

Activate the Addon Module

Once you have performed all the above installation steps, you are ready to activate your wbTeamPro addon module. To activate your wbTeamPro addon module, login to your WHMCS Administration interface and open the "Setup > Addon Modules" page. From this page you should see a line for the available "wbTeamPro Project Manager" to be activated. Click on the "Activate" link to finish the wbTeamPro installation process.

After activating the wbTeamPro addon module you will be forwarded to the wbTeamPro Addon Welcome Page and Installation Checklist. You can return to the Welcome Page and Installation Checklist in the future by opening the Addons > wbTeamPro Project Manager page. Make sure that all items on the checklist are Green before you continue using wbTeamPro.

Activate Your License

Once you have activated the wbTeamPro addon module you will be ready to intall you License Key. Your license key can be acquired by visiting the "Services" tab of your client account on our website

Once you have acquired your license key, click on the "Addons > wbTeamPro Project Manager" link from your WHMCS Administration menu. From the "Installation Checklist" provided on the page, click on the link indicating that the "License Key" is invalid. This will forward you to the wbTeamPro license installation page where you will provide the license key and select a time zone for your installation.

Activate the Dashboard Widgets

wbTeamPro comes with dashboard widgets that can be used with the WHMCS dashboard widget system. To use the included widgets you will need to activate them within the "Administrator Roles" manager of WHMCS. To activate the widgets, login to your WHMCS Administration interface and open the "Setup > Administrator Roles" page. Select your administrator role for editing and check the wbTeamPro widget checkboxes available.

Un-Installing wbTeamPro

Permanently Remove

To REMOVE the wbTeamPro Database Tables visit the "Addons > wbTeamPro Project Manager" administrator menu and select the Uninstall link. This feature will remove all wbTeamPro tables and is irreversible!

Temporarily Deactivate

To DEACTIVATE the wbTeamPro system visit the "Setup > Addon Modules" administrator menu and select "Deactivate" for the wbTeamPro addon. This will NOT remove the wbTeamPro tables - your project data will remain in the database.