How can I increase the file size limit for project file uploads?

Files uploaded to wbTeamPro are limited only by the PHP installation for a particular server. Every installation of PHP has variables that define the maximum size of files that can be uploaded to the server. To change the upload file size limit, you will either to be hosted on a server that allows for account level PHP definitions, or you will need access to the servers general configuration file. The following variables will need to be modified:

  • upload_max_filesize - This is the maximum size of a file that can be uploaded
  • post_max_size - This is the maximum size of data that can be received from the upload form (same or larger than upload_max_filesize)
  • memory_limit - This affects the download procedure and should be set higher for large file downloads

Additional information can be found be searching the web for "PHP Upload File Size Limits", or by visiting the following url: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-unix-apache-increase-php-upload-limit/

How can I rename the wbteampro.php script file?

The wbTeamPro system uses two different request urls, one for the client area and one for the admin area. Both are named wbteampro.php, which is used throughout the system for link building and cannot be changed. You can however use a URL rewrite rule in the APACHE environment to mask the wbteampro.php filename in the URL, allowing your setup to masquerade using any filename of your choosing. To do this you will need to perform the following updates, which for this example are using "myprojects.php" as the new filename:

  • Create or Update your .htaccess file in your whmcs root folder. Add the following lines to the file, and change "myprojects" to the name of your choosing:


    # Rename wbTeamPro.php
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_METHOD} !POST
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/wbteampro\.php.*
    RewriteRule (.*) /myprojects.php [R=301,L]
  • Create the new php file that will "wrap" the existing wbteampro.php file in your whmcs root folder. Add the following lines to the wrapper file:



With those steps completed you should now be able to visit your website and use the new pseudo name to masquerade the new url. http://www.youwebsite.com/myprojects.php

How do I change the label of the default Milestone?

To change the label of the default Milestone that is automatically created after saving a new project, open and edit the administrator language file:

Search for the keyword "newActionLabel", edit and save the new value:

$_ADMINLANG['wbteampro']['projectsave']['newActionLabel'] = 'Define the Project';