Setup your Hubstaff Account Integration

Getting Hubstaff App Token

Login to your account at and visit the My Apps page

Press the Create App button to create a new app integration token. The Name you use does not affect the integration. Copy the token once created.

Setup the Account

From the WHMCS admin area open Addons > Hubstaff Integration and then the Accounts page (from the left) or tab (across the top).

When adding a new account you will provide the following:

  • Account Name This is a label you will see used throughout the system to represent the account.
  • App Token This is the App Token received from Hubstaff
  • Login Email This is the login email address used with Hubstaff
  • Login Password This is the login password used with Hubstaff

Once saved you will see in the Account list a new record with a date indicating the Date Last Authenticated. Press the Authenticate button to force remote authentication of your credentials.