License Key

Obtaining Your License Key

Your wbTeamPro license key can be found under the Services section of the Holodyn billing website.

Billing Services Page
  • Visit and login to the account created when registering for wbTeamPro.
  • Select Services from the main menu, then find and open the appropriate service labeled wbTeamPro Project Management for WHMCS.

Installing / Re-keying Your License Key

The license key is applied by visiting the Addons > wbTeamPro Project Management page from the WHMCS administration area. If you are looking to apply a new key to an existing installation, visit the wbTeamPro > Setup > Configuration page and select the ReKey the License link from the General tab.

License Installation

Re-Issuing Your License Key

You may need to Re-Issue your license key if you have moved your installation of wbTeamPro to a new folder or have changed the IP address for your WHMCS website installation.

To re-issue your license key, navigate to the License Details page by following the instructions for Obtaining Your License Key above. Press the Re-Issue License button found towards the bottom of the page. Once re-issued you will need to follow the instructions for Installing Your License Key to apply the new license key to your wbTeamPro installation.