Hubstaff Integration for WHMCS

The Hubstaff Addon for WHMCS allows syncronization of activity between Hubstaff and WHMCS. The WHMCS Addon allows mapping of Hubstaff to WHMCS assets, allowing for Hubstaff Activity to be imported with each cron, translated into WHMCS Billable Items, wbTeamPro Timelogs, or wbTimeLog Time Debits.

Hubstaff Assets are Mapped

  • Map Hubstaff Projects to WHMCS Clients
  • Map Hubstaff Projects to wbTeamPro Projects

Hubstaff Activity is Translated

  • Generate WHMCS Billable Items from Hubstaff Activity
  • Generate wbTeamPro Timelogs from Hubstaff Activity
  • Generate wbTeamPro Time Debits from Hubstaff Activity


  • Hubstaff Activity is imported daily with the WHMCS Cron