Invoice Keyphrase Usage

The invoice keyphrase option provides a mechanism for generating credits whenever a particular "Invoice Keyphrase" is found matching a line item description of an invoice. Invoice Keyphrase matching can be done during the Invoice Creation or Invoice Paid events.

Using Billable Item

Using the Billable Items feature of WHMCS in conjunction with wbTimeLog Keyphrase feature allows you the flexibility to queue credits to be invoiced and added at a later date, or with the next invoice cycle. The Billable Item feature of WHMCS is designed to be used when invoicing a sepecific number of hours, and is therefor an ideal feature to use with the wbTimeLog system. To use the Billable Item feature you will open a client profile, select the "Billable Items" tab, and press either the "Add Billable Item" or "Add Time Billing Entries" buttons.

When billable entries are finally invoiced, the Invoice Keyphrase feature will identify credits by matching the line item descriptions against the Invoice Keyphrase defined in the wbTimeLog Configuration.

Note: If an invoice contains more than one match, both values will be added into a single credit record.

Administrator Client Profile Integration

Using Manual Invoices

The Invoice Keyphrase feature can be used with custom invoice line items entered directly to an existing invoice. To create an invoice manually you will open a client profile, select the "Invoices" tab, and press the "Create Invoice" button.

Note: When creating an invoice manually using the "Create Invoice" button on a client profile, the Invoice Creation event is fired before line item descriptions are added to the invoice, therefor the "Invoice Paid" event must be used when creating an invoice manually.

Administrator Client Profile Integration