Creating New Monitors

Monitors can be created automatically, manually, or as part of a product provisioning process after client purchase.

Manual Creation

Site Manager Client Hosting

From the Addons > wbSiteMonitor list you can add a new site manually using the Add button at the top of the site monitor list. Additionally when viewing a client hosting service, if a monitor is not already established for the service, an Add button will be displayed.

Automatic Provisioning

When enabled, the Automated Monitoring feature will regularly scan for active Hosting services within WHMCS and automatically create and begin monitoring activity for each. Site monitors that are created automatically will be associated with the client and service.

Service Provisioning

Products and Product Addons within WHMCS may be configured to use the wbSiteMonitor Server Module. This is ideal for sites that are selling Site Monitoring services to their customer. The new site monitor will be created when WHMCS triggers the Service Module "Create" event, either after purchase, after manual order acceptance, or after invoice payment.