Installation of wbSiteMonitor will require FTP access to your WHMCS file structure and a general knowledge of file editing and permissions. It is strongly advised that you perform a complete backup of your WHMCS files and MySQL data before starting the installation process.

Installation Support: Don't get overwhelmed! If these instructions are outside of your comfort zone then open a ticket and our support team can help you with the installation. Click Here to Open a Ticket

Backup WHMCS

Before making changes to your WHMCS installation we always recommend you make a complete backup of the WHMCS Installation files and MySQL Database. If you are unable to make a backup, please contact your hosting provider and ask for assistance.

Disclaimer: wbSiteMonitor will automatically insert or modify the database when activated or upgraded. No changes are made to any of the original WHMCS Database Table structures.


  1. Login to your account on
  2. Click the "My Services" link
  3. Select your Active wbSiteMonitor License and View Details
  4. Make Note / Copy your License Key to be used during configuration
  5. Download the Latest Version from the Downloads List


  1. Extract the contents of the wbSiteMonitor package to your Local Disk
  2. Upload the contents of the "installation" folder to your WHMCS installation root.

The Installation will include the following files:


Upgrading Previous Version

To upgrade your package, simply upload new package files over the existing installation.