Client Integration

Added to the top-right header area of the WHMCS Client Profile pages is a Timelog dialog and two tabs that provide access to Project and Ticket assets related to the specific client. The list views provided within the Client Profile operate with the same functionality as other list views found throughout the system, providing search filters, column sorting, and exporting to CSV.

Projects Tab

The Projects tab provides four secondary tabs for viewing Projects, Actions, Tickets, and Time Logs that are related to the specific client.  Projects and project assets that have been marked with a restricted "Visible Status" will only be visible to the assigned and managing administrators.  ONLY tickets that are associated with a visible project will be listed in the Tickets secondary tab.

Client Profile Projects Tab

All Tickets Tab

The Tickets tab provides a list of all tickets related to the client, regardless of project relationship. The "New Ticket" tab opens a dialog for creating a new ticket to be associated with an existing project.

Client Profile Tickets Tab