Welcome to wbTimeLog

wbTimeLog is a WHMCS addon suite that adds Service Contract or Retainer billing and time tracking between your clients and team. With wbTimeLog you build a balance sheet of time logged against available credits, providing ongoing accountability and transparent reporting between your clients and team.

wbTimeLog can automatically bill your client, refreshing the hourly credit balance and expiring old credits. The included client display provides your clients with a monthly summary, timelog details, and remaining credits. Time log history may be filtered and exported to CSV file for reporting or external use. wbTimeLog integrates with wbTeamPro Project Management to provide credit billing for timelog entries.

With wbTimeLog you receive a synchronized platform for billing your clients on-demand, or as part of a recurring contract schedule.

  • Recurring Billing Utilize the power of the WHMCS recurring billing system to periodically increment a clients credit balance. wbTimeLog provides several methods for fine tuning the frequency at which credits are applied.
  • Credit Expiration Expire credits that remain at the end of each billing cycle, or after an extended period of time.
  • Client Integration Provide transparency by sharing the time log activity and balance sheet with your client through the WHMCS Client portal.
  • Client Reports Notify your clients on a regular basis via email of the recent time log activity and remaining balance.
  • Overage Billing Bill your clients automatically for on-demand or overage credits, calculated daily, weekly, or on a monthly invoicing schedule.
  • Project Integration Integrate directly with the time log features of the wbTeamPro Project Management system for WHMCS.
  • Time Log Reports Easily manage and review the balance and history of your client list.
  • Ticket Integration View and manage time log activity directly from the WHMCS ticket administration.

Expand your business by selling hourly credits to your client, then logging time against the credit hours for an ongoing and transparent service model. Send your clients periodic reports on your activity and their available credit balance. Provide a real-time activity and balance report from the client portal that can be viewed from anywhere.