Welcome to wbTeamPro

wbTeamPro is a Project Management solution developed specifically for the WHMCS Customer Management and Billing System. wbTeamPro integrates gracefully with the client and ticketing systems of WHMCS, providing an intuitive set of features for collaboration, time tracking, and customer billing.

CTA Overview

Made for Developers

wbTeamPro is designed solve the needs of the average Web Design company, where multiple projects and services are managed, and where the WHMCS platform has been adopted as a billing solution. wbTeamPro helps keep your tools centralized under a single dashboard.

Developers have access to the wbDatabase class and a REST based API. More information can be found in the Developer Reference Section of the documentation


CTA Extensible

wbTeamPro includes a Web API for remote integration and a plugin architecture for extending the wbTeamPro system directly with runtime hooks throghout the system.