• How often does the site monitor check a site for availability?

    Site frequency is determined by how many sites are in rotation, what has been set for Cron Max Execution and Cron Site Check Frequency, and how long each site takes to respond. By default the system checks sites during the standard WHMCS cron, however you may choose to run the cron manually at whatever interval you wish. The Cron Max Execution and Cron Site Check Frequency settings allow you to decide what is best for your specific needs.

  • What about my custom response codes?

    A typical successful response would be the 200 HTTP Status Code, however some sites may respond with another code even when working properly. When you receive a response other than 200 the system will give you the option to approve that response as the expected successful response, preventing further notifications. Only the expected response code will be considered valid. All other response codes will result in a notification event.

  • Can I monitor endpoints that require username/password?

    Yes. With the setup for each site you may specify the HTTP Authentication username and password. These credentials are passed with the request header and will only work with endpoints that are expecing the HTTP Authenticatio header. This feature does not work with custom password forms or non-standard authentication methods.

  • Can I sell monitoring services to my customers?

    Yes you can using the Service Provisioning feature.