Site Specific configuration

Site Config

Site monitors are created and managed from the main Addon page or from the Hosting product view.

  • Client

    When creating a new site monitor from the main Addon page you will be prompted to optionally select a Client. From the client Hosting view the site monitor will be automatically associated with the client. Once associated the Client cannot be changed.

  • Site Connect URL

    This is the site url that will be checked for availability. You may use an http or https formatted url (eg: If the site is protected by Basic HTTP Authentication then you select Requires Authentication to expose the optional Username and Password fields.

  • Site Connect username

    If the site requires HTTP Authentication then enter the username here.

  • Site Connect password

    If the site requires HTTP Authentication then enter the password here.

  • Check Status

    Toggle whether the site is Active or Inactive, which controls site inclusion in the cron job.

  • Expected Response Code

    200 is the expected response code by default. You may enter any response code (including custom codes) that will be considered successful a response.

  • Send Notifications

    Toggle the sites email notification system. No emails will be sent to Admins, Clients, or anyone in the global CC list when Inactive.

  • Send Client Notifications

    Toggle a Client's Notification for the site.

  • Send Admin Notifications

    Toggle an Admin's Notification for the site.

  • Additional Notification Recipients

    This comma separated list of emails will receive site notifications.