Managing Site Monitors

Monitor List

Site Monitor Manager

From the top menu Addons > wbSiteMonitor you will see a list of all site monitors in the system. You may filter the list by Online Status (Online/Offline), Check Status (Active/Inactive), or by a keyword search that queries the site url, client name, and hosting product name values.

Each site monitor row displays

  • Current Status (from the last check performed)
  • Site Check URL
  • Client Name
  • Service Name
  • Last Response Code
  • Last Checked Date/Time
  • 24 Hour Statistic Graph
  • Controls to Perform a site check, Edit the monitor, View recent history, Enable/Disable the check status, and Delete the monitor

Client Service View

Site Monitor Manager

From a client hosting services view you will see a row representing the monitor associated with that service. The display will provide a 24 hour snapshot of the monitor activity, with uptime evaluations and a notice of the last time the site was unresponsive.