General configuration

General configuration can be found by navigating to Setup > Addons Modules, scrolling down to wbSiteMonitor and clicking configure.

General Config

License Key

You are required to enter your License Key, which can be found by visiting the Services area of your account at

Cron Settings

Each cron execution will check as many sites as possible before the Cron Max Execution is reached. Sites are checked for availability one at a time, so a site that responds slowly will weigh against the total execution time. Each site is checked in a round-robin fashion, so slow website responses will affect the speed at which the total list of sites is processed. Sites are only checked once per cycle, and checked only as often as the Cron Site Check Frequency allows.

  • Run Cron Manually

    The standard WHMCS cron job is designed to run every 5 minutes. By default wbSiteMonitor will run with the standard WHMCS cron. If you wish to run the wbSiteMonitor on a different interval you can choose to Run Cron Manually which will cause wbSiteMonitor to only run when you call it directly. For example, to run the cron every minute you would setup a cron with similar settings:

    */1 * * * * php -q /home/website/public_html/modules/addons/wbsitemonitor/cron.php
  • Cron Max Execution

    This will limit (in seconds) how long a single cron operation may execute, which combined with Site Check Frequency translates into the number of sites that may be checked for availability.

Check Frequency

  • Site Check Frequency

    This will limit how long to wait (in seconds) to check a website after the last successful availability check. The actualy check frequency is dependent and the number of websites to check will also play a factor in the freqency.

  • Continuous Offline Site Check

    This will ignore the Site Check Frequency delay for sites that are identified to be offline and instead check as often as possible.

Monitor Experience

  • Automated Monitoring

    Import and Monitor domains and hosting services that are created in the system automatically. Disable monitoring for domains or services that expire.

  • Visible to Client

    Include monitor status and history on the client dashboard. This option is superceded when the client has purchased a product using the site monitor server module.

Notification Options

wbSiteMonitor Notifications are handled using WHMCS's email system. The settings in the General Configuration that can be overridden on a site by site basis are noted in the short descriptions below.

  • Email Notifications Active

    This toggle will globally disable / enable the email notification system. Email notifications are sent whenever a site has gone offline. Additional settings below can offset the number of emails sent.

  • Email delay (minutes)

    Only send an email notification if the site is offline for a delay period.

  • Email timeout (minutes)

    Only send an email notification once per timeout period. This helps limit the number of emails sent.

  • Only Once per Change

    Toggle whether to only send an email notification once for every time the status cycles from online to offline.

  • Alert Clients

    Toggle whether or not the associated Client receives a notification email by default.

  • Alert Admins

    Toggle whether or not Administrators receive a notification email by default.

  • CC Recipients

    This is a comma-separated list of email addresses to cc when notifications are sent. These recipients will receive alerts regardless of the Client and Admin alert options.

  • Alert Admin Roles

    Select Administrator Roles to receive email notifications.

Logging Options

  • Log Activity

    Logging will record site check activity during cron operations. Database logging is visible from the WHMCS Activity Log. File logging will be found in the WHMCS Logs folder.

  • Log Path

    The absolute path to the folder where the log file can be written when File logging is enabled.

  • Days to Keep History

    How many days should history be retained? Each time a site is checked a record is created. Use zero (0) for indefinite.

WHMCS Permissions

This is the standard WHMCS access list limiting what Administrator Roles will have access to this addon.