Selling Monitoring Services

The most beneficial aspect of using wbSiteMonitor is you ability to monitize theservice with your customers. You can sell site monitoring a-la-cart, or as an addon to a hosting product. You may also make site monitoring a standard feature of your hosing service and offer it FREE as a value added service.

Selling as Product

WHMCS Product Setup WHMCS Product Setup

To sell Site Monitoring as a service you will create an Other type product in WHMCS, and select wbSiteMonitor under the Module Settings tab. Upon purchasing the client will be able to configure the product from their dashboard.

Selling an Hosting Addon Service

WHMCS Addon Setup WHMCS Addon Setup

Similar to selling as a product, the Addon product would be configured in WHMCS and associated with the appropriate Hosting products. Upon purchase the client may choose to purchase the additional Site Monitoring feature of the Hosting product.

Automatic Inclusion with Hosting Services

A third option for sharing the Site Monitoring service with your client is to include it as a FREE value added feature of your hosting product. This option is a system-wide feature that can be activated from the main Addon configuration by enabling the Automated Monitoring and Visible to Client options.