Installing Hubstaff for WHMCS

Download the Addon

Visit to purchase and download the Hubstaff addon. Once logged into your account, navigate to the Services area to view and download the latest addon package.

Copy your License

From the Services area you will copy the License Key for the addon installation to be applied during installation.

Unzip & Upload the Addon

Unzip the package file on your local device. The package will contain a folder named installation.

Upload the contents of the installation folder to your WHMCS root folder (eg. where the WHMCS configuration.php file is located).

Activate the Addon

From your WHMCS Administration area, visit the Setup > Addon Modules page and locate the Hubstaff Integration addon and "Activate".
Once activated you will "Configure" to view and configure the addon, most importantly the License and WHMCS Permissions sections will need to be updated before the addon can be used.